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"Because other parents may find themselves in my situation, I would like to explain how Susana’s method of teaching assisted my son in re-integrating into a community adult day program."

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drying artworkPlot n Blot is a technique to inspire joyful movement on the canvas. Although the process is part of each persons’ journey, it is our wish the spirit in the art will resonate with others and ignite feelings of hope, light and renewal.   This path closely mirrors the process of  inspirational art.


The adventure is also about story telling.  This is how the title emerged: Plot as in story telling, and Blot as the actual  technique referred to as ‘blotting’  It can also be meditative as one is encouraged to focus on the work at hand . It becomes an interpretative process with the introduction of digital play. Here, images are enhanced and meaning making takes place.


Level One (1)

PLOT n' BLOT This workshop is in two sessions. The first introduces the basic technique using a variety of surfaces for the canvas [linen, wool, felt, burlap, textured papers] .

The student then experiments with similar materials to discover effects from the blotting process.
 Results will vary depending on the textures one chooses and the use of additional found objects that may add depth and interest to the painting. The painting now requires 24 -48 hours to dry.

Workshop:  3 hours        Enrolment : 3          Cost:  $45.00


Level One (2)

This session continues to the final work of art. The painting is dry and the interpretation process begins with the introduction of digital play.   Participants will have a finished printed copy of their final work of art. All work is owned and assumed titled by the artist themselves.

Workshop  2 hours          Enrolment: 3          Cost:  $12.00