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"I purchased 10 of Susana's baskets made by her students for Christmas and continue to be in awe at their beauty and artful simplicity."

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Skills for Community Integration and Normalization

The making of fabric baskets

History of Project:


This project was a result of designing functional products that would address a number of skill building goals and be a part of the renewed environmental movement

  • Fabric baskets use recycled cloth
  • Eco-bags for shopping or carrying books are beaded, stitched and sewn from recycled cloth
  • Both recycled vintage apron patterns and recycled designer styled smock patterns are sewn for the kitchen baskets
  • Recycled vintage Caftan patterns are sewn for the spa baskets


  • Adults 18-30 years of age with global developmental delay, and additional challenges of obsession compulsive disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and/or autism

Skill Development

  • Increase planning, organizing, and sequencing actions
  • Develop appropriate attention levels for learning and interaction
  • Encourage visual and language processing
  • Increased proficiency in fine motor skills 


  • Follows the education method called situational learning (master/apprentice model)


  • Increase in the skill level of fine motor skills (use of scissors, braiding, wrapping cloth, sewing machine operation)
  • Improvements in staying with a task for an increased period of time
  • Increased used of expressive language
  • Increased ability to self initiate /reduce prompting to complete a task
  • Willingness to make a basket for a fund raiser and not keep for self  (some movement away from an ego-centric focus)
  • Improved sense of self in accomplishing a project which others praise

Making Baskets for Fund Raisers and the General Public:

Beginning in October 2007 to December 2007, the group was able to complete 20 baskets. In November 2007, 4 baskets were donated to the ICAN charities in Scarborough, Ontario for a fund raiser and in December 2007, 15 baskets were sold to the general public for use as Xmas presents. Aprons have been sewn for children in day care centres and for community art classes.  Monies received cover the cost of materials and provide additional funds for special events and trips in the community